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My Sims Nipples Are Grey ????

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hi! so.. yesterday i downloaded a bunch of mods from whickedwhims list after updating it

when i got to cas so i could make my sim her nipples were grey (she doesn't have any skins on or anything)

does anyone know which mod is doing this and how can i fix it? please

(picture of the problem below)


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This might be a CAS "feature" as scripts that tint the nipple tattoo might not be running in CAS view - how do the nipples look in game (try with revealing clothing as no top would just swap the upper body to the WW default)?


Anyways I currently look for a good nipple replacer so you're "lucky" and incompetent little me is eager to turn her attention to this particular mod and examine the problem a bit, you don't have a link to it or the list you used?

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