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Fox Island

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General updates


Lore story

Travel to a new Island Far East of Maine, the Island was abandoned due to high levels of radiation, a scientist took his own life after losing an investment of 3 million dollars

and the scient experiment backfired, everyone human left the Island except for some raiders that got stuck there, not the Island is over run by futuristic synths  and super mutants



Get more XP and more caps and items the final version is coming soon. Fallout New Hampshire, the Forbidden Island is also coming for FO4


Beta version of Fox Island

New Island Fox Island

Requires Nuka World & Far Harbor the Island is off the coast of Maine

Super Mutants


Unique Synths

New player homes

Teleport to Fox Island go to Kingsport Lighthouse in the commonwealth 

watch the trailer if you can't find it. 


Thanks for the support alpha build is coming soon. 

Thank you follow me to stay updated. 


-DJ Red Rayne


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