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Sims 3 Gro Mod


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What is it?

It's a virus mod created using Nraas Vector Mod. The virus itself causes periodic weight gain until your sim is able to resist it. Though from my testing it seems to usually max out your weight before it ends.


How do I start the virus?

With an Outbreak of course! ;)

But seriously, Select the city hall, then nraas, then vector (I think that's the order more or less, can't remember it perfectly atm lol)

For an in depth explanation of the functions I'll turn you over to the Vector FAQ to help get you started. Scroll down to the city hall section for the most relevant info on getting things going.


How does it spread?

Each social action with an infected person has a small chance of infecting the other sim. So if you know someone is sick, by all means feel free to avoid them lol.


Why make this?

Because I'm broke and a friend took advantage of that to buy himself a little bit of work from me lol...So I figured since I did the work, I might as well share it with whoever might enjoy this kind of thing.


Any Bugs/Incompatibilities?

One that I know of so far, as there has been very little testing beyond seeing if it works lol. Due to the lazy/quick way I created it, it will likely conflict with the Vector Mod Zombie Diseases. Also when choosing a virus to activate, don't use the Zombie Scourge that's a leftover bit that I didn't remove all the way so sh!t may go crazy or just error if you turn that on lol, but if you ignore it, there shouldn't be any issues there.


Moving on,

I tested and got it working with all the primary expansion packs up to the University Expansion (not including pets).


Required Files

Nraas Vector Mod (Scroll to the bottom for the download)


Not sure if it needs the master controller/etc as well, but if it does the site above has the download for it on the side bar (Left side)



I'm not responsible for any damages/etc to your game/saves. So you should probably back your stuff up or make a new save when using this. Also notice something that REALLY needs to be fixed? Let me know and if I have the time to spare, I'll look into it.



Gro Mod.7z

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