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Mod concepts from a code illteralit gamer


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as the Title says, I am not a coder, programmer and all that. but I am still a bit of a thinker so I had a few mod concepts. I figured I won't lose anything sharing them here and who knows maybe someone could decided to make them or not at the least the ideas can be improved so later on I may be able to commission them when I actually have the cash.

MOD Idea 1 Milk economy rimworld edition (not really just the basic idea). at the core this would work like the milkable colonist mod but with more content, milk production can be modified and expanded. mammary gland organ would be responsible for this. could come in a number of sizes. tiny for males and non producers,  small this is for the small class of animals but can show up on pawns. average this is of course the base line size for pawns and most medium animals. Large, of course this is for large animals. this is general the normal types but I would say there are special versions. Production grade, this is for the dairy animals, cows and the like they produce milk in scale of large class but better at hunger drain at cost of being slower. (I forgot to say milk production would raise how fast food is drained) while rare it can show up on pawns. your unlikely to find this on raiders though. most pawns that have this "naturally" are milk slaves. Extreme, a overdeveloped production grade gland. very rare to find naturally but possible, most likely this is gained from some kind of hormone treatment to a production grade, Hyper a mutated gland only for the dedicated milkier and milk farm, will never spawn on a wanderer and rarely on a slave, your only likely to gain this natuarly from a raid on a milk farm. Monstrous, Truely over the top, only for the extreme milk farms, never shows up since any pawn that has this is only on specific glitterworld your going to have to make this one.  
I don't have a set "how much a size makes" and all that since I don't know the balance well. I would imagine this being a sub mod to rimjobworld since I would imagine breast size affects how much milk can be stored (also affected amount made with the glands affecting speed) and size also affecting how many glands can fit. also Bionic and areotech would be possible in the sizes if possible I would say could spawn Better milk products and cost less food to make 

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