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Elsa Firestorm A Master Firemage

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Elsa Firestorm A Master Firemage

Elsa grew up on the Isle of Artaeum after being found by a Psijic Master while traveling the roads of Skyrim. 
She was only days old when her parents were slaughtered by bandits, and left to die or be eaten by wild animals. 
The Psijic came upon the mutilated bodies shortly after the bandits had left and heard the cries of a baby nearby. 
He took one look at the infant and immediately felt something different about this child, so he picked her up and took her straight to Artaeum.
He named her Elsa and raised her as if she were his own taking her everywhere he went. 
She came to be accepted and well liked by the other Psijics who would at times use their magic to entertain her.

As she grew older she developed a talent for playing with fire and making it do what ever she wanted it to. 
All of the Psijics agreed that it was time for her to learn more about fire magic and how to cast simple fire spells. 
She was enrolled in the Academy to study and learn Destruction magic, however she only cared about learning fire spells.
She quickly mastered the lesser fire spells and began learning the more destructive spells. Her favorite spell was Fireball and mastered every possible level of the spell. 
On the day of her graduation from the Academy the Island was attacked by pirates. 
Elsa immediately started firing fireballs at the pirates and ships, each fireball doing devestating damage with each fireball. 
The battle lasted only minutes due to the power and destructive power of Elsa's fireballs.
Some of the Psijic masters started looking at Elsa in a different light, stating that she has the fire of the Gods in her.

 A special meeting of the Psijic Pillars was held in council with each member agreeing that Elsa would forever be known as Elsa Firestorm.
None could argue that the speed and magnitude that Elsa could cast her fireballs, could ever be matched by any other. 
She was given the title of Grandmaster Fire Mage and she would always have a seat at the council.

One night she aske the Psijic that raised her about her parents.
Not wanting to hide the truth from her as he loved her like she was his own daughter he sat down and began from the beggining.
He began to tell her how he came upon the wagon and what was left of her parents. And how he had found her nearby and immediately took her in as his daughter. He explained to her that he knew right away that she was special in some way, but at the time was not sure just how special she really was.
They sat for hours talking about her childhood and how special everyone had become to her. Then without batting an eyelash she stood up and said that she would rain down the fires of Oblivion on anyone that ever tried to harm the people of Artaeum again. He knew right then that she meant every word she said and replied, Elsa my daughter I know you would and nobody on the Island would stand in your way.
[5:32 PM]
As the night grew late they decided it was time to sleep.  During the early hours of the morning she was awakened by a loud roar and heard what sounded like giant wings flapping in the air. She rushed out of the house just in time to see a dragon overhead breathing fire on the houses. Elsa raised her hands and started moving them in a different way than normal. All of a sudden a fireball left her hands that instantly dropped the dragon to the ground dead.
Rushing to find her adopted father to make sure he was alright, she stumbled upon a charred body just outside the house. She knew right away who it was by the amulet around his neck, it was one that she had made as a child and gave to her adopted father.
She immediately swore vengeance on all dragons and that she would kill every dragon that flies the skies of Tamriel.
After the fires were put out and the dead were buried, Elsa grabbed her pack and set off on a journey hunting dragons.
She did not know where her journey may take her or how long it would be before returning to the island.


Elsa has her own body and skin and comes with Tavern worker clothes


Location just inside the gate to the Temple of Mara in Riften

Level 100

weight 100

Destruction 100

Destruction Mastery Perk 100

Does not affect stealth meter






Required Mod

CVR Follower Voices




Nethers Follower Framework



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    CVR Follower Voices
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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