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(LE) Fantasy Potion Replacer

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(LE) Fantasy Potion Replacer

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This replaces every Potion found in-game with a new Fantasy Style look.
Every Potion, mostly, has its own fluid colour.

The Liquid is not animated, it is simply Static.

Install / Uninstall

When you install it Manually, then you need to extract the 7z data, everything inside the "Data" folder needs to get extracted into your "Skyrim/Data" folder.
For installing with Mod Manager, just follow the FOMOD Installer.

This mod is only a simple ESP file with some meshes, you can Install or Uninstall it at any time you want.
The ESP will only change the Model from the Potions.


It is mostly compatible with every mod out there, as long as it does not touch the Vanilla Potions.

A patch for "Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul" is included.
A patch for "Alchemy Requires Bottles Redux" is included.

This mod is completely localized, supporting all official Skyrim Supported Languages.
The patches only have German and English translations.


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