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Trying to re-find an armor from this site

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A while back, I stumbled on an armor of leafy green bikini style....


it was CBBE HDT. I 'think it was called Forest Nymph.. but it wasn't part of the Nymph Girls of Skyrim mod.


This set was on a page of many converted armors.


I do, however, know it had this in the golden Bisquits Oblivion armors in CBBE HDT. 





I have tried Google in every way i think of to find it... and got back into the requests all the way to nearly page 150.


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12 hours ago, Harvald said:



From Forest Nymph I only have the UUNP version 


ForestNymph UUNP.rar 6.24 MB · 0 downloads


Edit: refound the original by Killing Doll (CBBE)

https://killingdoll.com/?p=25822 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/27rwym5x2f3453r/ForestNymph_CBBE_HDT_BODYSLIDE.7z/file



but with Bis Package I can help


BisPackage CBBE HDT BODYSLIDE.rar 27.15 MB · 0 downloads

That is it.


Thank you.

but I'm also hoping to find said page again because of files that were on it that i can't recall their name.


One of them was 'pleasure' something... it was basically just vibrators tapped to the breasts and between the legs. 

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