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Texture in tree trunks

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I just have a little doubt ... is there a Mod that only changes the texture of the tree trunks? I mean ... without adding ... flora, mud, grass, snowflakes, little bugs, branches ...  dirty underwear ... damn ... I like the Vanilla trees as they are but not the trunk ... I just need a good 2k or 4K texture for the trunk of the trees, Only that. But it seems that there is no such Mod, all the Mods that improve that (tree trunks) have to include by force an unnecessary ''overhaul'' ... why?? ... I already have all that covered ... less the tree trunks ... and I am not going to add things that really I do not need or required mods that use a .ESP plugin only for that Mod of ''overhaul'' when I only need the trunk of the trees. 

Can someone help me with this? 


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