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Having an excessively difficult time getting buffout 4's crashlog to appear: pics of install every step of the way

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I've included several pics, I followed a step by step guide but I'm overall still lost on how exactly to get this installed properly. I tracked my progress every step of the way:

I still don't see a crashlog in the F4SE plugs in tab on my documents.

I tracked my progress every step of the way:

Buffout4 installed https://ibb.co/tYpyB4q

tbbredistributables installed: https://ibb.co/HpLp4Dd

Address Library INstalled: https://ibb.co/mbdYVs1

XSEPlugins installed: https://ibb.co/NLTvZ4D

Changes to XSEPLugins with C++ enacted: https://ibb.co/wKZgcbw

No crash log after all of this: https://ibb.co/nbK1VKb

Why is this so hard to install?

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You need to make sure you are getting a Buffout4log in your F4SE folder & a xSE PluginPreloader.log in your Data folder. If your using MO2 you also need to follow the steps for both of those to work with MO2. If you don't have them or they have an error in them it's not setup properly.


FYI You won't always 100% get crash log even though you crashed but most times you should.


Also you need to install or fix your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 (check 32 & 64 bit) which I did not see you list. Most likely the issue anyway.

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