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NPC Approach for Devious Devices

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In Deviously Cursed Loot there is a feature where NPCs have chance to do things to you based on what devices the player is wearing. Sometimes they are helpful but most of the time they take advantage of the situation.  The only drawback is that this only affects NPCs that the player chooses to talk to.  Even if the player is completely defenseless, no one will bother them unless they try to talk to someone.


I am looking for a mod that will cause NPCs to approach the player if they are wearing devices and are defenseless.  There was once a mod called Deviously Helpless that did something like this but it was last updated in 2014.  I checked the Devious Skyrim v2.0 thread and found nothing. Links to both below.


I would like to find or request a mod that causes NPCs to approach when the player is bound.  They can either help or hinder the player. Perhaps even capture the player and sell them to slavery (Simple Slavery Plus Plus).





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I think Deviously Enslaved Continued does exactly what you are searching for. 



Deviously enslaved was originally created to make the world react to the player while the player was wearing slave gear and other DD/Zap Bondage gear.
If the player is found wearing such gear, they may be approached (out of combat) by the population of skyrim for free sex or acquired as a new slave.
This mod only handles approach by non-combat NPCs, in towns and on the road for instance, this is not a combat or defeat mod and should not conflict with mods that offer such functionality
Sadly the mod is no longer supported by its author, but the last update was from late 2019 so it shouldnt be problematic 
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