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Error messages when loading game - issues with textures

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I've been trying to get mods working for quite some time now. I thought I was making headway, until I tried to load the game and have come face to face with a bevy of error messages. I'm not entirely sure what they mean to be honest. I've followed all the directions as listed in the thread, but to no avail.

Similarly, when I load up and choose Nyotengu, and try to apply the mods to her, the result is her entire body disappearing....I have no idea what is happening, and can't find an instance of this occuring with anyone else. I'm really not sure what is happening to be honest.

I have the Mod Manager installed, and have been using it to choose what I want. However, some of the options (in reference to my offline catalog I guess) are highlighted pink, but I don't know what that means either....

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1 hour ago, wehzy said:

Im having the same issues but i had mods installed which worked fine, now my game is runnin at 20 FPS and im getting same errors.

So, I now got the stuff working, as you did, but I do have some framerate bugs. 

HOWEVER! I do have a NEW issue, that I have yet to see described anywhere. I got a suit which qualifies for the 'white lace' to make them nude, but when I equip it they now have a 2nd set of nipples. I'm not sure what I need to get rid of to make that go away....I circled the area in question. This happens with every girl.


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