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CBBE Racemenu belly scaling not working.

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This has been brought up many times, but, unfortunately, solutions I found don't resolve it for me.


Pregnancy mods and whatnot do not increase belly size on a naked character. After some intensive investigation I found that Racemenu's "Belly Size" (Don't know English name but should be close to it) slider does absolutely nothing. Every other sliders works as intended but not this one. It works on most armours, for whatever reason.


Pregnancy slider in "CBBE Morphs" does work, both armoured and naked.


I reinstalled Racemenu, reinstalled CBBE files, rebuilt meshes in Bodyslider many times but nothing solves it. I can't think of any solution anymore.


Mods that need belly scaling: Fertility Mod and Ostim+Ocum. Again, both change bellys in most outfits perfectly.

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37 minutes ago, LatencyRemix said:

Which CBBE body are you using?  I don't use SE much so might not be much help, but i use CBBE 3BA and workes with bodymorph's from Fertility Mode, baka fill her up, milk mod, abba.  


I had an idea of trying out 3BA mod after making this pot, but issue is still there after installing it.


Initially used CBBE Physics

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Alright, I found the issue. Scaling DOES work. The issue was that I tested it mostly on Serana and she has a separate body mesh. PC and other NPCs who use base body mesh work just fine. Hers needed to be replaced to work.


Case solved

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