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Why do my follower always unequip their armor ?

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Hi, and sorry to bother everyone with my questions

I have a problem, some of my followers (I use AFT so I have 5 followers) often unequip their armor after a loading screen, like when I fast-travel or when I go inside a city or a house.
All of them wear modded Tera armor, idk if it's link since the other followers never do that even if they wear Tera armor from the same mod.
And when they unequip their armor they just go nude and don't take their base armor (like the steel armor for Lydia).
Knowing that except Lydia, all of my followers come from mods.

So do you have any idea of why this is happening ? It's not the biggest problem but it's still boring to have to ask them to exchange objects to tell them to re-equip the armor almost every time I go through a loading screen.

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It happens with EFF as well.  Seems to happen alot when they are mounted (Convenient Horses) and they get lost/stuck following you.  


My guess (Based on nothing I can bring as evidence) is that the game respawns them in your proximity but either a game engine issue or System Lag doesn't equip their Stuff.  Hence you have to re-trigger the equip by removing and returning an equippable item.

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