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Rape animations with bound girls not loading

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I have the option to rape a few of the bound girls, but when I select to it never loads an animation,  it's like I never talked to her at all, but I can't talk to her again  and then a few minutes later she dissapears.  All other sex animations load with no problem. Am I missing something? 

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You need to be a bit more specific when asking a question of that sort to narrow it down, there could be a dozen issues or more.

1. Did you run FNIS after you've added the animations?
2. Did you enable them in Sexlab Animation Loader?
3. Since raping people isn't exactly a standard thing that comes with the framework or any of the animation packs that I know of, I'll assume it's a separate mod. Which one?
4. Did you uncheck "restrict aggressive animations" (or something like that) in sexlab framework?

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Everything has been run. 

All animations are enabled 

The mod is Cursed Loot , it has options for rape,  cursed bondage sets ect.

I'll have to double check the aggressive animations thing.  That might be it. Since all other animations ( including aggressive animations directed at me) have been working fine, maybe I need to check again. 

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