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Need Help Getting Vagina Physics And Textures To Work!

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Hey everyone. I'm trying to get the collisions working and I've run into a problem.


I use OStim and the scenes work just fine and dandy but I've noticed that the vagina doesn't react to the penis and will simply get clipped through by it. To that end, I tried to add in collision physics.


I managed to install 3BBB and again, the breast, ass and the like all work.


However, I'm still having vagina issues.


If I try to have sex with anyone but an Orc woman, the vagina doesn't react and it looks like she's getting it in the ass instead.


If I do it to an Orc woman (I use Unique Orcs because I wanted a specific type of body for Orc women), it seems it works but the texture is completely white. I can see the opening and I can definitely see the penis going in, but the vagina texture is white, like a void.


I'm not entirely sure what's going on so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. Feel like I'm so close to fixing it but I've got no idea what to do from here.


I attached some pics for reference.


Not entirely sure what I'm doing here so some help would be greatly appreciated!







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