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Just Business. Deselect Preston Garvey. How?

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Hello everyone, I have a BIG QUESTION ^^. I'm playing the game again, and have now added this mod. Soooo unfortunately I just mark Preston. Anyway to fix that? With a command?

I really dont like to reload, because it was just a long time I noticed. :(


I've already try the commands ''resurrect'' and ''reset''. Unfortunately they didn't move the ''copy'' of Preston to the real one. Copy because I've heard that this mod is moving marked ones into a copy of themselfs, so they can be slaves. I can reload to the point where I can hire Preston to follow me and this worked just fine, but when I speak with him again it come the sentence ''You win'' and then the pick up select come. Also I've tried before speak with Preston to move Huntermode and Special Sentence out. Nothing works :( .


I'm from germany, when some of the sentence isn't right then I'm really sorry I tried my best :) .

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