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Question about bodies in outfit studio

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I removed stocking from a outfit but the legs were missing I updated the body reference but in bodyslider the outfit is clipping now but when I open the outfit in outfit studio it pops up as slim body and outfit so I cant adjust the outfit to fit the greek goddess body.  In bodyslide it goes to greek goddess but clipping how do I get it to open up in outfit studio with greek goddess size so I can remove the small clipping everywhere??



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1] Build a body greek goddess [don't mind the outfit] BodySlide - build. the body should be in Skyrim Special Edition \ Data \ meshes \ armor \ New Outfit

2] Open the body in OutfitStudio and make corrections

a] if you edit the outfit you have to rebuild the body with the finished outfit afterwards

b] if you only edit the body, export it as nif when finished

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