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Looking for mod that has backless panties ( sometimes called anal only)

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Hello guys, 


This is bit of a specific requst. I am trying to find any clothes mod which adds kind of panties called backless, open back, ass less. Or any type of clothes which basically have opening around asshole area :D . 


Everyone has some weird shit they are into, this is mine. No kinkshame pls 


I love every type of clothes that cover pussy but leave ass exposed. Few of panties from The world of bikini armour come very close, but not quite. If they dont exist in game, is there someone who could make them? Not for free of course. 


Any help appreciated :D, here are some examples pulled from r34 to give you better idea of what I have in mind.


4e973a21dc262e542e142d37bb1141b8 (1).png


15bc9640d1738bf4ebbf11fd24eda757 (1).jpeg



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Kinkshaming... On LoversLab? Heresy. I don't recall seeing any backless panty mods now I come to think of it although you can, to a degree; make your wish come true via outfit studio. In the below picture I'm using the daemon girl bikini bottom's - By selecting parts of the panties you can make a primitive hole of sorts:



Here's a helpful YT tutorial which explains the manual removal process within outfit studio:





Also you said:


3 hours ago, allerius4 said:

If they dont exist in game, is there someone who could make them? Not for free of course. 


Patreon has its share of Skyrim content creators; it might be worth asking around to see if anyone would make you some models for a fee.


Good luck with your hunt.

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Thank you good sir. I cant really view the pic you shared it tells me " You don't have authorization to view this page."


But yes, you are right. And actually this is exactly what I did many times. I edited about 8 panties like that but I am really amateur at editing meshes, outfit studio and all that. I was hoping there actually exists a mod like that, really would like some high quality clothes with this type of fetish :D


The only one I found are chastity belts from devious assets with hole for anal.


Do you by any chance have someone specific in mind when it comes to Patreon? I am not really sure who is the go-to guy for Skyrim SE clothes. I support mostly just animation creators :D

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Hello again,


Sorry about that; no idea what's going on with the picture link; I tried it and its working fine on my end: Imgur pic


Yes the "outfit studio method" is workable but not the most elegant solution sadly. In a ideal world; everyone would know how to 3d model >_< Its a lot more complicated than it looks; I finished the Blender donut tutorial... Never touching modelling software again, lmao.


In regards to Patreon, my go-to clothing-related creators are Retkas (https://www.patreon.com/Rektas) & PredatorRJ (https://www.patreon.com/PredatorRJ). With your request being panties; you most likely won't need SMP physics so you shouldn't be charged a arm & a leg for your project; ultimately it depends on the creators though.

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