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Sarangerel Bayarsaikhan

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Sarangerel Bayarsaikhan

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We are going to the beautiful country of Mongolia, where our beautiful Sarangerel is, she studies at the institute, and she wants to go to the side of politics when she finishes the institute, but in the meantime she is the president of the politics club of her school, and like all politicians she has competition, so, in voting she has a very good and effective method, she gives fliers around campus, promoting her party and promising things, in brochures, and an invitation for an exclusive interview and alone with her, But it does not give more details, it is only known that everyone who enters there, in the classroom of the politics club, leaves with the vote in favor of her, she is very good at convincing students, especially boys, for some reason, and even some teachers, such as the sports teacher visit the club frequently, the teachers also have the right to vote, some students say they have seen her clean up hurriedly the club floor right after the interviews, it is seen that she is very dedicated and loves what she does, that is why she keeps the club clean for future interviews. ?????



Zodiac Sign: Taurus 


Country: 1f1f2-1f1f3.png


Ethnicity: Asian


Group: Teens


Hair color: Brown

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    Everything you need is attached in the file. But you need, as minimum, wickedwhims.


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