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My sim doesn't have the "start servicing client" option!

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Hi Nisa or anyone who can help, 

So my sim is a prostitute and whenever she offers her body to a sim who accepts it, nothing happens. There isn't a "start servicing client" option. 

I don't know if it's related but I recently updated my origin, and I added City Living pack. 


Oh and there isn't any issue with my sim being serviced by other prostitutes. Only when she is the one who wants to service the client, she can't. 


Can someone help please?



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Hi Ellaloo, from my understanding (based on my gameplay) it should start automatically. When a prostitute Sim is propositioned by a client the encounter should automatically start... Maybe your WickedWhims settings  are causing a clash? I would double check your settings to make sure that there isn't something stopping it, like the privacy settings or something to do with there being underage children around.

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