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How to change default replacement body type into an optional CAS Type!

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I've got a few body types I like for both male and female but some of them are set to be the default replacement that the game uses.


How can I change those to only be available in the WW Body Selector? I would like to use a different body as default replacement.


For instance Better Bodies only offers default replacements and while I like those meshes they aren't ideal for a lot of my downloaded CC.


The mod authors haven't been online in a while and what I modify wouldn't be uploaded and only for personal use.


Thanks in advance



I have figured out how to remove the item being set as Default Replacement.

Step 1:

Open in Sims 4 Studio the .package file you want to edit or change.



Step 2:

Go to the "Warehouse" tab



Step 3:

Click "CAS Part" and scroll down in the data tab on the right side till you get to "PartFlags" and "PartFlags2"
Untick or tick the highlighted boxes to your preference




Haven't had time to figure out the WW body selector bit yet but if anyone knows how please tell me bellow.

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Quick update.


Default replacements that you change to be non-default will still clash as one of the instances are the same. I think giving the part is own instance will fix this. Just make sure the instances inside the file are properly paired. You may need to change a few instances per file.

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