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Joburg Question: Stopping NPC vs NPC rape.

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Xiro, this might depend on the version of Lovers you are using, but the sound\fx\Lovers folder for Lovers should contain multiple subfolders labeled "ns1", "ns2" etc. Replacing the sound files in one of these folders should not change the default voice. What you need to do next, is load up your game, cast the "sexual experiences" Lovers spell that opens up the Lovers menu, go to the first option (your diary). At the bottom of your sexual stats list should be a button to let you change your voice. The numbers here correspond to the "ns" folders I mentioned before. This way your character can have a unique voice. :)


As for the Joburg problem, I am not sure... You are right in that, if you set libido to 0, characters do rarely or not at all rape people anymore, including the player. What you could try, is set the libido for the genders to a very low value, and set the player score very high. This should make the npcs rarely target other npcs, but make your pc an interesting target. It's not exactly what you wanted, but tinkering with the options should get you pretty close. :)

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Thanks for the response! I'll mess around with the libido and player settings a bit more to maybe at least come up with something remotely close to what I'm looking for.


As far as the voice thing I do have a unique voice for my character...as far as sound goes in the game. The "Lovers Voice" I was referring to was the mod that adds dialogue to your character as they have sex. The name of the mod is "Lovers Voice". Which is the reason why I'm wanting to have no NPC's get raped. In the dialogue I have edited to where it appears the NPC is acknowledging my character by name. Unfortunately with this mod "Lovers Voice" works on every sex scene....even if it's with NPC's. So now I have guards referring to other women by my characters name when they're having sex with them!


But anywho. I'm about to get some sleep for the night. But I'll fiddle with the settings a bit more.

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Okay I fiddled around with settings (and played with Joburg Customizer .ini) and I'm just not having any success. If I set all the Women <--- Men libido setting to the least possible setting to keep NPC's from interacting with each other there's no rape at all. And that's with a .01 setting. Of course I started messing around with Lewdness settings and even setting lewdness just over 100 had NPC's being raped in the street before my character! With a .01 setting!


Keep in mind my character settings were jacked up all to 5.00. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is the seperate menu with Leader, Stalker, HGreeting, Companion, and Special NPC. Even with all those jacked up to max and the NPC setting set to .01 NPC's were still getting raped.


Is there no one at all that has the slightest idea which line of code causes the NPC's to go after other NPC's? I'm shooting in the dark. If anyone has any ideas at all I'd appreciate any feedback I can get. I'll spend some more time tomorrow digging around in the scripting to see if I can come up with something.



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Guest Donkey

What version are playing with ?? the latest one from joburgh v117 has fully integrated menu now, that allow you many new options not previous supported,


But basically, if you want npc to only target you. you need to activate joburgh spell then select presets then chose option popular this will make sure all npc only targets you from now on.


Also check this thread it explains what options are available for joburgh:

  Joburgh menu descriptions

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Short answer: edit your LoversJoburg.ini to


set xLoversJoburg.GreetingHDistance to 1 (default is 5000)


Long answer: I believe this is the maximum distance two NPCs can be from the PC to be allowed to initiate a Joburg script with each other.  I briefly tested this in the IC Market District.  Test conditions: Lewdness=500, Libido(Men->Men, Women->Men, Men->Women, Women->Women)=5.00, Time Zone Correction=3.0 for all hours


Trial 1(GreetingHDistance=5000, Leader=0) = numerous NPC-NPC couplings

Trial 2(GreetingHDistance=1, Leader=0) = no Joburg activity

Trial 3(GreetingHDistance=1, Leader=5.00) = constant train of 8 stalkers chasing me; no NPC-NPC couplings



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Thanks for the responses guys. I do have the latest version of Joburg and I have browsed the Joburg Index thread before making this post.


I haven't edited the .ini for hgreeting distance so I'll do that next. As for some of the other suggestions using the interface I've done much of what's posted. But I'll give it a go again when I get home. Thanks again for the replies guys I really do appreciate all the advice!

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