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How to copy-paste anims from normal Sims 4 rigs to the Edited WW ones?

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So I'm trying to convert some of the old Spaceman/SM Animations from Animated Woohoo/Passion for use with Wicked Whims. Following this guide, I've gotten as far as using his provided source file to get the regular Sims 4 rig to mimic the SM Animations imported onto the Sims 3 rig. But now I'm stumped. How the heck do I transfer over the baked animation on the normal rig onto the edited one? I know I'll have to do some tweaking to accommodate things like tongue and whatnot, but right now I'd settle for getting the edited rig in at leas the right basic poses. I've tried transferring over the regular rig's animation onto the edited one as an Action, but weird stuff happens (presumably because the Edited skeleton is very different from the regular skeleton). Any thoughts? I'm brand new to Blender (though not to animating in general), so detailed help is appreciated!

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