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Project Americas ( empty lots savefile)

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Im currently working on a save file with all empty lots so no households on it...... (all are no CC lots); I also used the copy worlds mod.

Im about 40% -ish far atm,

1537570042_bandicam2020-05-0911-38-46-890.thumb.jpg.5a3951198a29e5bc3ed75ddfbed261aa.jpgsome screenshots of the finished maps so far

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-40-46-691.jpg

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-41-04-069.jpg

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-41-16-385.jpg

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-41-32-531.jpg

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-41-42-871.jpg



bandicam 2020-05-09 11-42-24-831.jpg



bandicam 2020-05-09 11-43-55-378.jpg



bandicam 2020-05-09 11-41-57-746.jpg



In Barbados i only placed Rihanna's mansion so far...

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-44-35-980.jpg

bandicam 2020-05-09 11-43-10-404.jpg

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