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Any advice on how to safely Twitch stream without accidentally loading up a SexLab save, or ruining a SexLab save by deactivating the mods?

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Been wanting to stream Skyrim, but I got my SexLab save juuuuust right and I 1. Do not want to fuck it up. and 2. I don't want to accidentally leak it when saving a non SexLab save (as in save preview images) or just accidentally saving over it, or accidentally loading it up resulting in a pretty quick ban thanks to Deviously Cursed Loot. lol  


In the past when starting new saves with a new load order, it kinda wiped out my old saves in the process, which was fine because I wasn't going to play them again anyway since I improved upon them.  Now, I don't want to start a new game for my Twitch stream and have the same thing happen to my SexLab save which took a several days to get right.  


I don't need that simplified of an explanation as if I'm computer illiterate, but I will say my mod usage experience is limited to downloading it into a mod organizer (I use Vortex, don't want to go through the trouble of starting clean with Mod Organizer even if it is better) and hoping for the best.  I also want to use safe for work mods for it, but I don't want to accidentally ruin my SexLab mods in the process by using a completely different load order and having to deactivate them one by one every time I want to stream.


So yeah, if anyone has experience balancing both SexLab and SFW mods for Twitch streams, I'd love to see a tutorial.  Thanks in advance!


PS Would Vortex and Mod Organizer be able to host completely different load orders?  Because Vortex could be my SexLab save, while Mod Organizer could be my Twitch save.  Would that be possible with the same SKSE loaded game?

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For vortex you can create a 2nd profile. Doing so you can on that 2nd profile disable all sexlab content. Just be sure that on vortex that the profile made for non adult content is the active profile in vortex. When doing this on vortex it also creates a separate save folder in your save file directory for skyrim. For figuring out how to set it up ( it's a simple process ) just google "vortex mod manager profiles" and find a video showing how to do it. 


And stating the obvious check before live streaming that it is set correctly so you dont get banned on twitch. Now if you feel like being extra cautious you could always pull the save folder for your NSFW playthrough from the save file directory into another folder or desktop when you want to live stream to ensure that no saves from other profiles are even present to load and than put that folder back into the save directory when your done live streaming.


MO2 also has this feature as well but I dont use MO2 so I cant tell you how it's done on that.

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