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Little question about gameplay

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When you complete all of the main missions, that's the score you will be stuck with, and you would have reached a star rank. From what I've gathered, you raise your rank by playing event matches, winning with S rank, over and over again. Keep the pace, and eventually, you'll see yourself having an SS+ rank, or even SSS- if you're really dedicated. BUt your score will not increase, not even by replaying main missions.

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im not  sure if its the same on DMM but on Steam its like this:


- "12480" is pretty much a place holder stat signifying you've completed all the Main matches with s rank completion grade (E rank - S rank matches)


- your rank "SS-" shown on your pic dont mean shit, and is unrelated to the "12480"


- that SS- rank is depended on the appeal points youve obtained for that week and compared to the others' appeal points (click the castle icon beside that "ss-"). this means that if no one gave a shit about that week but you grinded hard, most likely youll be placed higher due to higher appeal points, so youll get a high rank. if its a busy event, say a pvp event, everyone will be grinding hard and youll be pretty or fairly low at the ranking thus low status rank.


tldr, that "SS-" rank changes daily if its a busy event, and it gets reset weekly. all of that dont matter as long as you have "12480" points youll be S rank forever... until KT adds more Main matches that are SS / SS- / SS+ / SSS, etc

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If you have a lot of time, then you can raise your rank on sunday reset. If you grind a lot, you can check your position on leaderboard left of your circle. I think you must be ~500 or ~100, something? then you will be SSS+ and receive a small bonus score for your event match. But if you grind for this, then you will not need this bonus score because you will already have high event score. Also, your rank will reset next sunday. So again, if you have time then you can try, but I do not recommend if you have little time.

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