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Is there a mod manager?

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No, we use mods like animals :)


If you want help for organize you can try this:



You can make folder and screenshot icon for the suit that the mod.

Then you can paste into this folder, the mod folder


For example I have some mod for daffodil suit.

So I make DOAX-VenusVacation\Mods\Daffodil

Also I will make folder for disabled (DOAX-VenusVacation\Mods\Daffodil\Disabled)

Then I paste all my Daffodil mod into this folder, and screenshot icon for Daffodil

When I want to use a mod, I will place all other daffodil mod into the disabled folder.

If I want to change the mod, I will move active mod into disabled folder, and move my desire mod out of disabled folder.


Also, if your mod does not have preview picture, it is best to screenshot as well.

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I actually had the idea of making some kind of mod manager, like a simple app which'll check the folder and ini files inside and will allow to disable\enable via simple clicks. Some previews can be added and with scanning of .ini files it's probably possible to show potential mod conflicts. But I didn't code in years so I won't attempt this any time soon.

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The main problem is, even after playing nearly daily for 22+ months, I still cannot remember all the suit names and their corresponding event names. Even only for the few suits I have.

There are WHOLE swathes of mods without proper name and without any screenshots to identify them. The undertaking of cartographing this whole landscape of suit modding mess is nigh impossible now for one guy.

Maybe this should be a community project in a new thread: set up directories with screenshot, event name, and of course suit name.

Now, when a new mod or an update or variation from another modder for an existing mod comes out, sometimes it´s only possible to identify them by mod conflict.


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