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[mod] DoA6 DoA4 7 Backgrounds

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DoA6 DoA4 7 Backgrounds

Changes Character Selection, DoA Central, Load Screen, Main Menu, Options, Title Screen, and Wardrobe Wallpapers.

I will take requests or if you're on Loverslab, add the pictures you want in the request thread and I or someone else who knows how to change backgrounds will try to do them, I have to do them on my own time and may take awhile. If you spam me with the same request more than 3 times, you will be ignored and pushed to the bottom of the list not up. And will stay there until you are the only one left.
And I Will Not Make Nudes or Porn Pic mods of DoA Girls right now, you have to ask someone else or do it yourself. The mods I make will always go public, I don't make them for personal use anymore. I personal don't even make mods that I'm never going to use. Koei doesn't like that we make DoA porn based on what they said back in 2015 and their Ninjas have been going after people who post them, but it's been with DoA5 years ago and DoAXVV, not DoA6. I haven't heard of anyone being targeted for making and showcasing nude mods for DoA6 only DoAXVV, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like it at all if we post DoA porn in their game. It looks possible, I just haven't tried it yet.
Drop in ScreenLayout

wingzg : For telling me how to give the pictures their original color.


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