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Animations don't work as intended

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Hello y'all,


after reinstalling skyrim due to a harddrive crash / error I also set up all the good stuff from this forum, I think you know what I mean... ?

Well, I gladly started a new game and was just about to enjoy my first female character vs. draugr experience (thx to Goubo here for his SexLab Defeat mod) when some really unwanted outcome hit me like a train:


instead of getting ravaged by a draugr lord who has just awaken from sleep, my cute female char puts on some big strapon and gives the draugr lord a pounding...wtf, that's not what I came for^^


I installed FNIS, SexLab, other SexLab-dependent mods, animation packs, etc. according to the install guides found here in this forum so generally speaking I'm a bit clueless right now.


Did someone of you exerience the same problem or does anyone have an idea what the problem is? 


What info do you need from me to help me solve this mess?


Thx in advance & greetings

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