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Animation Fail

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So, i created a new animation for my TS4, BUT, when i put them on my mods folder, Wiked Whims give-me that error :


  04/01/20 16:37:37 [SEX/INFO] Invalid Sex Animation '' by 'JottaR' from not being able to load clip data. Make sure the CLIP FNV64 hash ID is based on the animation ClipName variable.
  04/01/20 16:37:37 [SEX/INFO] Invalid Sex Animation '' by 'JottaR' from incorrect single loop duration.



But, ALL things are OK, and name is the same that i put on my .package / blender animation / clips on s4pe .

Anyone can help-me?

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So, i fix that simple error '-'.

The name are diferent of animation, simple.


But now i have other error -.-

When i play my animation in game, the Female sim does't make anything.

The animation doesn't play, the sim stay idle, or take the other animation.


Example : I play the animation "Turbodrive - Handjob 1" , and, after my_animation 1 , the sim go to my animation but continues doing the other animation.

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