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Soul Calibur 6 Bigger Breast Slider

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There are no mods but you can use cheat engine to modify breast and butt size.

first download the engine



then download this file



start the game, open the engine and open the game on the engine, then open the file and look for the breast option and then start messing with the numbers for your preferred size. the downside is that every character is going to have the same breast size, also i would not use it online because since you are modifying the game files other people will be able to see the huge breasts and their characters will also have huge breasts. it has never happened to me but someone can definitely report you or something i don't know. the best thing about this file for me honestly is that you can use Ansel everywhere. anyway here are a few examples. first two you can see the breast expansion and the last two i messed around with the butt settings. Also a meme at the end.

Soul Calibur VI Screenshot 2019.10.22 -

Soul Calibur VI Screenshot 2019.10.22 -

Soul Calibur VI Screenshot 2020.01.06 -

Soul Calibur VI Screenshot 2020.01.06 -


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