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Skyrim VR with Harry Potter and Friends


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Hey guys and gals. This was a quick video I made in about 2 hours I think on Tuesday or Wednesday. I just left visor off (why I use WMR) and video card recorder. Uploaded to a old fake Facebook page I made for Facebook poker I think years ago. I does say on the wall, about how well treated I was after clicking a link off a post through LL to a Discord server. This is where I meet User619 through a post, the administrator of the Discord server (does incredible stuff to armors), saw Fort Knox (wicked through VR), etc, etc.  Been coming for years here. Don't post much or do anything with sex mods, but this is a free world and who I'm I too judge. The things they do with animations and stuff is still takes incredible talent. I think I started all this about a week ago, so I'm done with any posting stuff. I usually don't anyways (real Facebook account been on 1 time this past year). I just wanted to say "Thanks to LL, MXR videos (love them, seen all, plus they remind me of myself and wife at that age except better looking), and all mod makers, guide makers."


Have busy week with older son home. He wants to switch room now that we have time. Our room has door and smaller, but at 19 I think he just wants the door. His room bigger (just 1 window) and moving my desktop in, but at least will be able to connect directly to router. I wanted to move my Harry Potter characters to Phenderix Magic World with a few Nexus downloads like Dementors anyways. I most likely won't check or worry about that account after this post.



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