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Needed NVSE ext v9?..

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I haven't played New Vegas in a little while, and recently downloaded all the new Sexout updates n stuff. I've used these mods plenty of times before without trouble, but now I seem to be getting a pop up message when I load my game:


"Sexout requires NVSE extender v9 but you have v5"


It's causing some weird problems too, mostly during sex animations: male body turns invisible, only having hands and head visible.. very odd.. and also all items see to become unequipped during sex (previously just clothing/weapons were removed, but now it seems all hats and modded footwear also become unequipped..)


I'm not all that great at getting mods to work so your patience and assistance is greatly appreciated =]


Going to assume I need this version9 thingy.. but I'm not quite sure where to find it..



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tanks for the link swyke, this seems to have removed the error message but I've still got a persistent problem with the invisible bodies.. and the items becoming unequipped but that's not really priority here. am thinking I probli need some kind of skin/model/mesh or whatever you call these things (unsure which is which).. or at least I'm hoping its as easy as downloading some missing files. any ideas?

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