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Someobody help me to fix mods bug.


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This is vincent valentine


This is vincen valentine ff7 which uploaded in this site. and I couldnt have an contacts with author.  So,  I post it.


http://www.mediafire.com/?jhu0qz1x12y44cy download link (full version)

(only hair version)

This mods of hair has a problem.

First time, this mod plays well. But after first saving game, when

I restarts client and load the save file, the client ends

automatically(CTD)   (when only this mod is active,  CTD occurs)

Is there anyone who can fix vincent hair mod?

I did my best for fixing hair bug(etc change tga to dds and fix route tga to dds by nifscope)

I think it should be remodeled to fix by blender or 3dmax.

but I dont know how to use these tools...

Already, there is hair model. So, I think someone who skilled  can remodel or fix

Please help me.

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