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Ashly's Secret Files

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Hello and welcome!

Here you will find the series of videos (and other content) I've just started.



These videos are about Ashly.

She is a good person, although in a very complex and personal way.

She is a savant and very curious, she wants to discover everything there is in the world. And possibly rule it. But in the good way.


She is 26 and already a world-famous celebrity, a top lawyer, an appreciated and provocative painter, a chef, and much more. 

Her beginnings were humble. She was just a Britechester school teacher, although a very good one. With some money from a dead uncle and a lot of entrepreneurship she opened a small live-in club where big things (everything!) could happen. She started making money: a lot of it but never enough.

Her ambition was not to become a bar owner anyway. She enrolled to University to study law and kept a beach guard job too to keep fit. She graduated (A-...) and joined a law firm, becoming a partner in a matter of months.


She has moved recently from her small Britechester lot to the largest estate in Newcrest. She lives in the small Britechester house she had made dismantle and rebuild identical inside her huge new property, where she also keeps running a live-in club, on top of a live-in café and a studio where meets her lawyer clients.


During Uni, she also started dealing weed and coke - an activity she finds interesting more for the power it gives on people than for the money. Money she launders anyway via a restaurant and a bakery she owns. She tries not to become addicted to anything but she loves drinks&weed - and sometimes needs a rehab holiday. Then she can start again.


What she can't stop doing is looking for new kinks and satisfying her many erotic fantasies though.


Somebody has been secretly documenting her life 24/7, and now they have started sharing some of the kompromat they collected, for some paparazzi or reporter to discover and publish eventually...



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6 hours ago, penguintennis said:

This is pretty good! Nice job editing. 

Thanks a lot @penguintennis! I'm now working on File #4 (which I guess will last loger) and your comment just gave me the extra boost I needed.

Let me know what aspects of Ashly's secret life you'd like to know more about :)

EDIT: Also let me know which videos you liked most ?

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