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Galgat's RaperS?

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I remember back on the old forums, Galgat posted a variant of LoversRaperS which added in dialogue while the rape was happening.  If someone has the file (and if it wouldn't cause any problems), would it be possible to get it reposted?

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Caiena - Thanks a lot (especially for the unexpected translated version of an old Lande as the LandeV2 is very unreliable for me).  Unfortunately, the RaperS version you have there isn't quite what i remember.  It seems to change the starting and ending messages, but the one I'm recalling had text coming up during the middle of the rape as well, which doesn't seem to be happening in the version you uploaded.


Donkey - If you could upload yours (and its different than Caiena's version), I'd appreciate it.

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Guest Donkey

this is the one i use. it got the galgat touch written all over it. :D


yes it got text all over it like sho your ass stinks bitch.. etc..

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