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Dragonborn DLC - True Nordic Carved Armor Retexture

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck





if you want to do nord armor do it right ,it's embarrassing when i really looked at the detail its making the armor looked weak, so i have this idea when i look at viking armor and knight, i combined all these ideas into one , this armor doesn't go well with leather covering it need chainmail touch , so i tweak the texture a bit more pleasing to the eye.


you can forge this armor it's call " Nordic Chain Mail Armor" on nordic carved category i split between modded and vanilla armor so you can see the comparison , atm its only for male....



Download here via  FTP


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Guest Lady Luck

i know right god its emberassing to wear the helmet that is why i wear without one , and place armored fur hood instead, glad you enjoy the retexture it took me 3 hours  to replicate what nord armor supposed to be...

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I like the change in helm. I LOLes when I tried the original armor on. A bear was eating my head and dragons are vomitting out my arms. The chain is a nice touch. Thanks.

he wants to have a word with you about the bear helm(heck bethesda is using higlander references like a motherfucker in skyrim)

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Body part invisibility may indicate that the nif files were set not as the same in CK for body slot or vice versa. Also not flaging certain race in CK, repetitive entry for the same value in CK may also contribute to the fact. Perhaps you may have installed another mod that also altered the Nordic Carved Armour?


I haven't bought DB yet thus can't give you a precise answer (only looked at the model on UESP), but you can always use only the texture, removing the meshes folder and the esp altogether. You have to look inside the Dragonborn bsa files which located in your "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data" and determine that correct folder path and revert the dds file name of Lady Luck mod to exactly as vanilla name.




Got an information for the folder path and files names.


Do it like this. Create/Navigate to "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Textures\dlc02\armor\nordiccarved\". Change the names of the dds files in Lady Luck mod into this;


nordiccarvedcuirassM.dds ---> nordiccarvedcuirassm.dds

nordicchainmailbootsM.dds ---> nordiccarvedbootsm.dds

nordicchainmailGloves.dds ---> nordiccarvedglovesm.dds

nordicchainmailHelmetM.dds ---> nordiccarvedhelmetm.dds


and put into the directory of the aforementioned path.

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