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ha, so i got little to no love on my first attempt at a youtube channel. & the sims community from the official sims forums were showing me no love at all.. so here we are! trying my luck with you folks here at the loverlabs. this series includes magic, witches, rappers, drugs, sex, and violence.. so if you're into that kinda of thing... :)

check me out if you will. this episode introduces a new sims who comes equipped with her own strip club! you'll get a tour of her living space & strip club as well as a full run down in cas. be sure too tune in folks! xD feedback is always welcomed! happy simming folks!

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Kush Simmer here! back with another episode! this makes it three! still haven't gotten much love from the community! but i am not gonna let that stop me from doing me :). so here we are with a new video with minor improvements & a whole lot of gameplay. so be sure too check me out...cause why not? :smile: p.s. stay safe! & i hope all is well for you & your loved ones. - K.S.
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