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Sophia face help


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I am trying to use this mod. http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3486144-1-1.html


 or the mod It was created from.


 So I'm trying to use this mod http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3575078-1-1.html

 and the face pack that is a seperate download i think.


 but when I try it, it does not work the contents dont show up here is what i did


 i downloaded it. put it all on NMM


used CBBE 3.2.3 then used this Overwrote the data.

then used Pretty face pack.


and used the sophia face

(i used sophia on my second try)


but none of the stuff came up


and i did have a previous face pack mod which was sweety beauty pack i think and i tried to disable it but the stuff never left the game. so i compared the files from the pack to the stuff in skyrim data and deleted it but still won't leave.


 I think i did get rid of it and what im seeing is just what comes with CBBE face pack.


but my main problem is how to use the mods i put up.

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