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i Try To Learn And Create a game

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Hello every one. my name is german i been stay here and see things but i'm not a taliking person and not english person this is the reason i don't post or talk is diff to me to speak in english i'm from argentina.


I start this post idk is this a place to talk about of this...


I allways play a game and think if i can make my own game for fun and share to others, i love the tecnology and code but i'm bad at modeling animate and greating image or something like this.


I wanna to create my game and i make this post for ask help if someone can make a model and some animations for human or alien or mutated i wanna to try to learn how to use the model and animations on unreal engine 4, i know theres a loot of models on other parts but like 95% i search have no animations.


I want to make like 2 tiny games, the first is like and endless survival (idk if is on 3° person or like a diablo, lol camera), and the other is a puzzle and enigma (like silent hill enigma) (not kill enemies but solve puzzle and enigma) this 2 games i going to start...


Theres no history or something for now on those games. maybe in the future going to have..


I prefer use unreal engine 4 because of the blueprint for start is simple and understanding. in the future i'm going to search and learn code like c++ or other...


Feel free to share knowledge or questions... this is like a first time posting this things and i try to know things and share..


PD: i play games like starcraft 2, diablo 3, sims 4, and others (i play more like fun and do something down't have logic on league of legends).

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