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Skyrim and all the patch over the years... SLE

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1- Hello since the early days the Skyrim mod community made patch, now i look back and i'm confused, what did what, does it do the same thing, if is the patch ( bug fix) is still working, replaced, not use at all or if i miss one. So i need your help with that, on legendary edition. I download all the last version.  I just want make sure i not using fake patch, useless or over-killing patching.


All the patch i use (not for the mods but just Skyrim it self):


unofficial legendary patch by Arthmoor

Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch-76101-v1-  by PlagueHush 

Unofficial_Misc_Bug_Fixes_Patch_v1.1a-  by Question2 

SafetyLoad 1_2-46465-1-2   by   kapaer      
Crash Fixes v12 - Beta 4-72725-12


  by  meh321  


HASTE-99659-1-0-1570037727     by   HorribleAndy    
Load Game CTD Fix-85443-1 

by The Care Taker

SrtCrashFix_v1.1-100672-1-1-1577136576     by  mrsrt      
Corrupted NIFs Patches             keelos


(yes i have: skse, fnis, skui and other basic) 

For each mod, i look carefully the requirement and i use loot, test edit (for cleaning else if not specified otherwise) nexus mod manager.



2- i look the follow patch and i ask my self if is still need or not

Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade-34093-5-4

Clothing and Clutter Fixes

I have a load of mod edit or make new armor and weapon (lotr, killer keos, demothis, gatti, weapon DeLARPification, immersive... etc) ,


i ask if it will be buggy or not because i want to install after Complete crafting overhaul with all the patch needed but before f... around with more patch and spending a lot days (weeks) testing and realizing later everything gone to sh...  asking my self if is a mod, skyrim, a missing patch, my old pc, the load order, the twiking ini file and so one and so one..... and after again  wasting another fews day(weeks) for try to find what is what.... i konw this game will never be crash free but i want to be close as possible. 


3- Loot and test edit, i must trust blind-fully or not?


The reason i'm confuse the rabbit never die they still use the animation of running in a pool of blood and i can loot them, random ctd and freeze or weird stuff animal or people spawning in mid air or plate moving by it self (i max fps at 60) or clipping true wall/ floor  ...soon i will have a new graphic card and add a lot of graphic mod but first may i be more stable with what i have.   


Thank you for your time. 

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