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My custom body, making it TBBP compatible


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Long time gone... nonetheless assistance appreciated-


My own custom body still a work in progress has been working in-game with a BBP skeleton just fine. I'm using 3dsMax 2012, still learning of course. So far all my edits were made using the "editable mesh modifier" instead of the superior "editable poly modifier". My reason being that 1. Didn't even know the other was better, 2. When I try to use it my vertices move crazily when I simply select.


Besides the point though- The pictures show the current issue. I don't know if it is the vertex order or the weighing that is causing the deformities. The importer/exporter also seems to be messing with the verts as far as I can tell which my be the primary problem but I'm not sure.


My procedure for making the mesh TBBP compatible is just a simple skeleton swap. I've imported the skeleton then the body and vice versa but the results are the same.


Excuse grammar or spelling (reason is I suck)




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