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[REQUEST] Patch and normal maps for an Argonian retexture

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For a while, I used to use this Argonian retexture, but unfortunately, due to my lack of editing skills in GIMP and such, I've since stopped using it as I've started to use other mods that are not compatible with it.


In particular, I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that can do the following to the CBBE-only files (the first option presented in the downloads section of the mod):

  • Remove the nipples on the normal map. I spent hours in the past trying to figure out how to reconstruct the texture from the ones the author mentioned, but I never figured it out.
  • I think they already work fairly well with Derok's Reptilian Feet, since I recall using this retexture with those, but it's possible that I had tweaked the texture a bit to get it to work with this mod.
  • Optionally, adding textures for genitals, although I can do this myself since it's just a copy/paste deal.
  • Create a patch for Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs, although this is less important since I don't use them with female characters or NPCs very often.
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