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Slight freeze or stutter when loading npc


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I hope I'm not the only one with this issue but in my Skyrim, the game often stutter or freeze for a second or so everytime a human NPC is loaded within the vicinity. This can be either a bandit or a named character, the game would just freeze for a second and then continue. I would move for a couple meter and then the game stutter again because a new NPc needed to be load up within the game


This is really annoying to me because when I'm running in the wild, the game would stutter constantly trying to load up new NPC. It even happens in dungeons, where I usually get 60fps throughout, but when I go to an area where there's a batch of bandits that need to be load up... well, the game would stutter


Here's my rig:


i7 2630QM 2.0 Ghz

GTX 560 3Gb

16 Gb RAM


I usually can play Skyrim with an ENB at around 45 - 50 fps outdoor and constant 60 fps indoor, but this stuttering issue is really getting on my nerve.


I used to have a mod that beautified a lot of NPC, so I thought that might be the culprir, but removing it did not fix anything, beside, that mod did not touch bandits or guards, and I still get stutters when they're around.


Anyone have similar problem or know of a possible culprit for this issue?

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