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ShadowCrest Apartments

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ShadowCrest Apartments

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CC Version of my Shadowcrest apartments lot,  Is fully furnished, 




So I wanted to make an apartment lot for a ghetto playthrough, But no lots on the gallery seemed "real enough" or were way too over decorated. So using various CC I decided to make my own. Thanks to the university room mate system now I can populate the lot without adding the neighbors to my household.  This lot has four units, Manager has seperate quarters and office.  Full onsite laundry, as well as a few other nifty things. I made this for one of my characters starting out.


I reccomend Basemental Drugs, (For your Drug lord sims and addicts):




Now With Props Guns and tools from: Sacrificial's Zombie Apocalypse mod. (If you have it)  (Don't use zombie virus unless you want sims to Die horribly or infect others.

GET IT HERE: https://sacrificialmods.com/downloads.html


I also Reccomend LMS Roomate Mod, So you can add your neighbors without having them as active sims.



Ofcource Wicked Whims Is a must have for any lot, But you don't need it in order to use this lot:

NOTE ALL CC credits go to their respective authors.



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    Sims4, all Expansion, Basemental Drugs, LMS roomate service, Sacrificials Zombie Apocalypse mod.


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