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[mod] Asielra Species Pack


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Asielra Species Pack

Sup guys. 
This is the mod I made for myself, because I couldn't quite find a species pack that suited my tastes. Didn't think I'll end up uploading it anywhere, but then I decided that I'd already taken quite a lot from LL, and now its time to give back just a little.
At first I wanted to turn this into a giant mod with race selection based on HOMM5, but lately I've lost all the passion for the game. I like to play wide and the game is just unbeareble past midgame, when you have to click through 40+ planets, and I don't have any friends to play tall with. No point to play tall with bots, thats for sure.

Anyway, it's just a small single-race mod, featuring 77 succubi portraits, enjoy. They are mostly sfw (if you consider half-naked demon girls to be a sfw material), but there is a boob or two for all of you thirsty gamers out there.

I will only update this mod if there will be compitability issues with future patches. Unless, of course, the Federations addon will be a breakthrough Paradox promises it to be. Then I'll defenetly throw in a few more races - already have 500 uncut pics stashed, would be a shame to waste them.

Oh, yeah, I don't own any of the pictures featured in this mod, all credit goes to the artists, if you want your work removed from the mod contact me, etc., etc.


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7 hours ago, Proteus_1492 said:

I quite like a lot of the portraits, but I'm not a fan of anime style art. I'd appreciate it a lot if anyone could tell me what would I need to do to selectively delete all the portraits I don't like? (Assuming I can already open the dds file to view what they look like first).

You need to remove the specific image that you don't want to see from the portraits file, and also remove the name from the species txt file.

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On 4/2/2020 at 1:43 PM, dolco said:

May I pick some of the pictures from your mod and add them to my portrait mod that I might be posting in the future?

Sorry, but I think it's a no. At first, I was kinda hesitant, because I can't see myself returning to this mod in the nearest future. If you could make something greater with my pictures and keep it up to date, why would I object? But seeing how you went through every single portrait mod and asked the exact same thing, I just can't allow it. What is the point in copying the work of others? I mean, it's already out there, just go make something new.

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