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how do i create a separate sex category in the pie option for specific animations

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Hi, so im trying to create a separate sex option where the teasing, handjob, blowjob, vaginal, anal pie option are at and i wanna add an ''adultery'' option where theirs specific cheating animations from lupo, lifeline and others that have them and i would like it if it did not impact the realtionship if the spouses ''joins'' 


can i do that using WW options menu? or do i have to mod the game to get it to work?

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when i say ''join'' i meant as in for example, the wife talks to her husband behind the door while shes having sex with her lover from the other side of the door while her clueless husband talks to her normally in the animation get it?


im not sure if this specific animation exists but im only giving an example

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