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The Sweetest Hit ♥ Weed Dispensary

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The Sweetest Hit ♥ Weed Dispensary

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The Sweetest Hit. Made for a sims and their cats. This weed dispensary was made a sims of mine and her cat to come with her to work. This is a retail lot, so you must have get to work for this to work as a dispensary. You also must have basemental drugs for the weed. All other cc is in the download :) Dont mind my weird file names lmao but you know that by now if you have downloaded from me before. Im your download drug dealer :D.

Originally by durableink22 on the sims gallery. 

My gallery name is xitsmeep. 

I hope you like it :D also dont upload as your own ♥ 

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    Basemental Drugs and Get to Work


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I just downloaded this, so I haven't checked it out yet, but wow.  Just from the pics, you really captured the typical vibe of real dispensaries. Nice and chill and the layout is fairly accurate, other than not having all the merch behind counters, of course, which obviously isn't needed in Sim world. lol.  I look forward to using this!

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11 minutes ago, insanity2k said:

dont see the biulding any where?

you need basemental drug mod. then from the sweetest hit file make sure you split your tray and mod file correctly in the right folders. in your game go to your gallery, lots and click "include custom content" on the left side index. You may have to click "others" as well.  

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