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" Dante's Inferno : Damned Templar Armor"

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck

can anybody make this mod please i really need one thank you.


example links below


Armor details [ Hell Version]


- Gauntlet of Judgement " Mark of the trinity signature"

- Helmet " Crown of Thorns"

- Dante's inferno Grim reaper Scythe

- Stitched Cross Tattoo on chest [ Flesh texture]

- DLC Version Weapon " Holy Crossbow "


Dante's Inferno : Dante Alighieri Damned Armor



Armor Details [ The living Version]


- Steel Gauntlet/Pauldron

- Helmet " Crusader "

- Crusader tunic

- Studded Leather Boots


The living Version Concept Art



This will be epic win mod for LL

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Guest Lady Luck

yeah this armor is amazing , the stuff i posted is accurate to Dante's inferno lore the game not the poem the real dante wear mage robe and hes fugly lol.

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