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M/M Sex and Pregnancy Confusion

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I'm sure this has been asked somewhere before, and I tried looking through the old posts but there are so many and it's possible I missed it. If so please just point me to the right thread and I'll follow through from there.


To make a long story short, my questions are as follows; Where in the programming is pregnancy decided, the WW mod or the animation? Do only vaginal sex animations make a sim pregnant? And is there any way to determine which male sim will be designated the Top?


For context, I downloaded the Wicked Whims mod a little over a week ago, grabbed a handful of animations and loaded up one of my favorite household which happens to be a male/male couple. I had seen a YouTube video describing some of the mod settings so I went through and made my changes based on what I thought I'd like and started playing. Things got hot almost instantly, but the animation swapped the top and the bottom as I had designed them, and I had to use the switch positions switch. Not a big deal, things started up again and I got a notification that one of my male sims might be pregnant. I wasn't ready for that in their story so I exited to the Main Menu without saving and reloaded the household and reduced the pregnancy chance. But since that first day it has been next to impossible to get one of these guys pregnant again. Once I realized I was having an issue I did a whole bunch of self testing; changing their settings in CAS, changing pregnancy percentages, trying different random animations, changing gender recognition through the settings, even downloading the intersex mod. But I'm noticing that I've only had any real success when they use things like Reverse Cowgirl or similarly named animations. And through all the testing with this particular couple, no matter who initiated, no matter the selected act, and no matter how often I switched them manually despite the memory options being selected in the WW Settings, it kept putting the wrong partner in the wrong position.


I love the mod in general, but if anyone can help me understand this and fix anything I might have broken I'd be ever so grateful.

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I don't have very detailed information about this, and it might even be outdated, but here's what I gathered so far:

- There is no way to define which sim takes which position. The system might be tricked if you set one of the men to be recognized as female so he takes the female position, but I've never done this myself, so who knows. Many other people interested in M/M couplings complained about it so hopefully a feature for this will be added to WW some day.

- If an animation can lead to pregnancy seems to be defined in the animation. It kinda makes sense considering there are M/F/F animations, only the animator knows which F is being ejaculated into. I don't know if that's the only place this is defined though, or if there are settings to change that behaviour. You can make any sim pregnant by any other sim with MCCC after an animation that you think should lead to prengancy, but that removes the randomness and following surprise.

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1 hour ago, nugerumon said:

You can make any sim pregnant by any other sim with MCCC after an animation that you think should lead to prengancy, but that removes the randomness and following surprise.

I agree. One of the things that finally convinced to to download this mod was the chance of pregnancy setting so even Woohoo, not just Try for Baby, could result in a pregnancy. And it's sad if that's only for hetero couples when the base game allows you to select which sims can become pregnant. In my ideal game, anyone could get pregnant from any position without having to resort to changing their gender identity. And we wouldn't have to do the pregnancy test either. Just revert back to the Sims 3 method. The only restriction would be that the "pitcher" impregnates the "catcher", not themselves... which happened during one of my self tests. Made both my sims able to impregnate and get pregnant using the intersex mod, and the top impregnated himself when making love to his partner... 

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